Do you have time, Skills, qualifications, Hobbies or Specific experience you want to apply to serve the Lost, the Abandoned, and the Abused. To serve those who are unloved and uncared for?

Like Pule Help pule to become a police man

Take action, Children need more champions, get involved, speak out, Volunteer, become a donor and give to every Child a fair chance to succeed. Help Mpho to live her dreams

GFCOORG is a non government organization supported by Good Friends, Donors, Fundraisers, Well wishers, Members, and Volunteers.
To be GFCOORG member, you must fulfill it’s Terms and conditions. Visit http//
You must Subscribe a membership fee from US dollars $45 depending on how you want to support the Unprivileged Child/Orphan.
In case you want to Serve with us, Please feel free to send us your details.

Write to us;

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