Make it possible for a Child at risk to grow up in a caring loving home, with Quality healthy care and Education that will prepare him or her for a bright future.

Be GFCOORG donor today and help us continue to provide Shelter, Food, Health care, Education, Child Friendly space, and other essentials for Children and young people at risk.



Gifts in wills, large or small are wonderful way to support the cause you care about and to make a lasting difference. As well as leaving assets and possessions to loved ones, some people choose to leave a Legacy donation to help the Children at GFCOORG.


Thousands of people across the world own shares which they are not sure what to do with it. They might have been left to you by Relatives or given to you following a Company privatization or take over, why not use yours to good use by donating to GFCOORG Children.


The best gift you can give GFCOORG Children is a donation. GFCOORG work with the Orphaned, the Lost, the Lonely, the Abandoned and the Abused. We need more more Good Friends across the world because GFCOORG Children depends on charity support to give Children the best chance to fulfill their potential.

what our Children Love

  • Board games
  • Computer games
  • Construction kits
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Portable DVD and CD players
  • Headphones in and over the ear are great!
  • Musical toys.

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